Welcome to the site! Although now it is heavily under construction this site will soon be dedicated to my icons, icons people have made for me, layouts, and other types of digital "art".

The layout features Count D of Pet Shop Of Horrors. He's so hot. d= I got the picture from Lady Butterfly. The code for the fading image mouseovers is from Get Element By ID. I made the layout myself, with the help of PSP. You are not allowed to steal it!

It'll look best in 800 x 600+, either Firefox or IE and is mostly valid (X)HTML. This site was coded with a strange combination of frames, PHP, CSS and Javascript.

This will remain a small site, simply a gallery, as it is titled. It's not very interactive, just for you to see pretty things.

It'll also help me keep track. Hehe. Anyway, come back soon to see the updates!

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